CITES CoP17 : September 24 thru October 4, 2016

Why CITES is so important! The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) is the only international treaty providing enforceable … [Read More...]

CMS: Shark and Ray Proposals

Sawfish: Kenya presented the proposal to include 5 species of sawfish, Anoxypristis cuspidate, Pristis clavata, P. pectinata, P. zijsron and P. … [Read More...]

CMS – Days 2, 3, 4

Day 2: Achmat Hassiem, South Africa, who lost his foot to a shark (GSAF 2006.08.1) shared his experience as a member of  Shark Attack Survivors for … [Read More...]

News from CMS

CMS (also known as the Bonn Convention) is an intergovernmental treaty under the United Nations Environment Program that entered into force in 1983. … [Read More...]

Indonesia Cracks Down on Manta Ray Trade

The numbers of manta rays in Indonesia have declined sharply in recent years, due to the demand for their gill rakers which are sought after for use … [Read More...]

Pender County resident doubles as shark bite researcher

In case you missed it - here is a terrific article about Clay Creswell On July 27, 1870, Giles Gordon was bathing in the ocean in Southport … [Read More...]

Valerie Elaine de la Valdene, 1966 – 2014

Valerie Elaine de la Valdene "Shark Girl", passed away on July 4, 2014.  She is survived by her parents, her brother Johnny, sister-in-law Michelle … [Read More...]

Fish Are Smart (And Of Course They Feel Pain!): An Interview With Dr. Culum Brown

By Bruce Friedrich, published in the Huffington Post on July 1, 2014 Last week, the esteemed journal Animal Cognition published a review paper on … [Read More...]

Wildleaks attracts major wildlife crime leads in first three months!

See Something, Say Something! Contact Wildleaks if you spot shark finning, or trade in shark fins of endangered species. Wildleaks is an SRI … [Read More...]

No limits – No Future!

Millions of sharks on migration around Britain destined for shark fin soup. It is estimated that up to four million sharks, mainly blues and makos, … [Read More...]